Friday, September 4, 2009

Well, I am a little bummed right now

I was called earlier today and told that I would not be starting school next Wednesday as had been originally planned. The class has been cancelled. The recruiter that called from Memphis assured me that it was nothing to do with me - as if I would think that they would cancel the entire class because they did not want me to attend. No reason given and she told me that my recruiter in Dallas will call me when the next class would become available.

Well, it does make me a little concerned. All along I have been thinking why are they having classes if freight is down. It would make more sense to use their existing drivers instead of hiring on more drivers. My worry is that this may have just occurred to them as well. Or maybe I am just over thinking and the reason is because the instructors wanted to take a longer holiday weekend.

I am also pissed off because the things I have been looking for all week are just not being found. I have opened boxes that have so many pictures in them that I could open up a museum. While it has been entertaining I have still not found what I am looking for - my diploma because you need the stupid thing to avoid taking the Scholastic Level Exam; an exam which they insist is required by the state of Texas but, in fact, it is not. Never took it while I was at Schneider or CFI. What is really funny is that it has to be a HS diploma or GED. Apparently you can show them your PhD and that would not work. I have my DD-214 from the military that says I have a HS diploma buy that won't work either. No, they have to have their grubby hands on the thing.

In doing all this searching I was also hoping that I would come across my training books from Schneider (because Schneider's training was far better) but, no. I did come across a hopeful box that had some Schneider stuff but, alas, no books. In this same hopeful box was the box for the game "Civilization". I liked this game. Only played it on my laptop, not on this computer. So I said to myself, "cool, I will load this later." Opened the box, flipped open the jewel case, no CD. I searched the million cd's that Shawn has in his desk. Nothing. I am feeling a little beaten up at this point. I want to curl up in a corner.

Shawn told me that I needed to blog. He did not like my last blog and would like to see something else. Suggested I blog about the hummingbirds that have drank (or is it eaten. Technically, hummingbirds don't really drink) nearly three feeders full of sugar water today. He also said that I should take some video. I am not sure I can embed video in this blog but maybe I can get it on my mac gallery.

So in the next week I will blog about:

- hummingbirds
- my new diet (on which I have lost three pounds since Monday)
- the importance of organization

I will also try to:

- complete the painting in the dining room (because we will never put up crown moulding so I need to get rid of the pink and white strip across the top of the wall)
- mow the lawn
- sort through the pile of paperwork on the counter
- and get most of the quilting done on Conor and Amanda's quilt

There you are. Check back with me in a week.


Anonymous said...

Don't be bummed! Or if you must be bummed, you can be bummed with me! Although, I have to admit that I am on the up side of being bummed today. I'm sure my family appreciates it.

I am intrigued to read about the organization post and am suggesting you scan or show us some of the interesting pictures...aka funny ones of Conor =) Just an idea!

Miss you!

Liz said...

Amanda, I would love to scan pictures. Except my scanner does not seem to want to work for me anymore. Yes, that would also be another of my frustrations for the week - can't get the scanner to work! However, I did find the instructions and the cd for the scanner in one of the boxes.

smoketx said...

Much better post.

Anonymous said...

while i am bummed for you, i am excited for me. i've really enjoyed our morning visits and am not thrilled that they will stop one day.

maybe you just aren't meant to drive a truck?

i too would love to see some hummingbird video. check out you can't embed video from vimeo on your blog unless you pay to upgrade your vimeo account, but you can link to it.